Monchique Chicken

IMG_0834Monchique Chicken recipe is named from an old, ancient hotel in the spa valley of Monchique in the Portugese Algarve. It is one of these really simple recipes that all the family love. The main herb used is Rosemary which grows in abundance in Monchique. It is best served in a bowl with fork and spoon.

Ingredients for 4
8 skinless, boneless chicken thighs
1 medium onion cut into wedges
4 medium carrots cut in chunks
Handful of flat green beans in short lengths
4 apple size potatoes chopped in chunks and tossed in oliveoil
Chicken stock
Lots of fresh Rosemary to taste

Put everything except for stock and potatoes into a shallow ovenproof dish, pour over enough stock to come half way up the chicken. Put the olive oil covered potatoes as a layer on top and place in fan oven at 180 for 1 hour.